2 hours Birth and Parent Preparation Workshop

by Gry Aksnes, Ute Imhof, Eva Hjelden, Laura Gore and Lucie De Saint Thibault

Option 1: Wednesday 4. September 2019, at 19.00
Option 2: Wednesday 11. September 2019, at 19.00

Workshop fee: kr. 200

In this workshop, the woman will learn about active birthing positions, optimal breathing, relaxation and other good tools for meeting the birthing contractions in the best way, so that she and the baby can get an easier labour and birth.

The partner will learn some acupressure and birthing massage that can give the woman natural pain relief.

We will also teach about how to bond with the newborn baby and prepare for the best breastfeeding start.

More information and to sign up: gry.aksnes@gmail.com, Tel. 95870103

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